Flower Planting

Friends of York Walls, working along with City of York Council, BTCV, FWT and Buglife, are planting a variety of wild flowers on the ramparts. Starting at Queens Street, this will give colour and interest to the ramparts as well as providing the right enviroment for invertebrates. We are asking local school children to assist in the planting for their future enjoyment.

Illuminating York 26-29 Oct

Friends of York Walls are organising a candle lit tour between 7-9pm every evening of the event. This unique way to see York’s heritage (including The Minster, Deans Park and The Chapter House) will be available at just £3 each. The one-way route between Bootham Bar – Monk Bar will be lit along the walk by lanterns, stewards will be guiding people and answering any questions.

If you would like to help please contact us.

York’s Mystery Plays Aug 2012

Teaming up with York’s Mystery Plays, August 2012, Friends of York Walls are assisting (front of House) to sell programmes, etc. We have promised to provide at least two people to be at each performance of the plays. We desperately need your support, please contact us if you want to be involved in this unique event.

‘Festival of the Walls’

Friends of York walls are applying for ward funding and other grants to start and hopefully continue to have each year a ‘Festival of the Walls’ starting in July 2012. Events, such as country fairs in community areas around the Walls, Romans gladiator fighting, Music, Plays and Falconery displays, will be happening on and around the Walls. We hope to kick start poceedings with a World record breaking Mexican wave!!

If you would like to help at any of the above events please contact us.