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Talks and Presentations related to York’s Walls and Defences

1)  “York’s Medieval City Walls” – a talk by Barry Crump for the “Festival of Ideas – 2023”

What were York’s Medieval city walls used for?
Theoretical archaeologist, Barry Crump examines answers to this question in a talk he calls ‘York’s Medieval City Walls’.  Barry has let FoYW have the text of this talk to use as we wish so we ask you to respect his rights as author.  Any comments, enquiries and requests about his talk should be sent to FOYW. 
Note: Barry refers in this 2023 text to the York Walls Festival 2023 but early hopes did not lead to such a festival in 2023.  

Available  HERE    [Pages 1 – 15]







Published  22/08/2023     AF

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