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Here you will find links to various “York’s City Walls and Defences” Videos

We intend to expand our video offerings, connected with various ideas for more digital content, and the ideas for the York 2022 Celebrations in a couple of years’ time.

Friends of York Walls ‘Episodes’ –

A series of short videos giving interesting facts about particular sections of York’s city walls and other historic defences.

Episode – ‘Fishergate Bar’

This episode explores the gateway in the Fishergate stretch of York Walls, called ‘Fishergate Bar’, revealing mason’s marks, and the impact of the 1489 ‘Yorkshire Rebellion’.

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Episode – ‘Fishergate Walls’

This episode explores the stretch of York’s famous Bar Walls between Fishergate Bar and Fishergate Postern Tower, highlighting its importance in defending the southern approach to York Castle, and showing a 14th century mason’s mark. 

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Episode – ‘Fishergate Postern Tower’

This episode focuses on the history of the tower and how it has changed over the centuries, as the landscape around it has also changed dramatically.

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NEW VIDEO – ‘York Walls Hidden Spaces Special: Tower 2’

If the above link does not work try version  HERE 
Watch our video on the first stage of the excavation and stabilisation of Tower 2 on York’s Bar Walls.  What has been found so far?  What new understanding do we have of the tower and the rampart?
York Archaeological Trust’s Tom Coates tells us about the project’s first phase in late 2020.   With thanks to YAT, City of York Council and @sharpstickfilms

(2m 14s, captioned; audio)    #


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