Fishergate Postern “Sponsor a Stone”

Friends of York Walls continuing to work on improvements of Fishergate Postern Tower.

We are seeking to raise funds for this project by inviting the general public and local businesses to “Sponsor a Stone”. This major fund raising activity was officially launched in January 2012 when The Lord Mayor of York was presented with a certificate of ownership of the first stone. Sponsorship of stones on the West Wall has been available since the launch, and the North Wall has been added in late 2014.

If you wish to help us to open the tower to the public, and to promote the walls, then please look at the following information links –

FPT Sponsor a Stone General Information Sheet

FPT Sponsor a Stone Location on Map and Info

For your sponsorship you can choose a specific and identifiable external stone, or stones, on an outside face of Fishergate Postern Tower, York, UK.  For your donation you will be issued with a unique certificate to record your stones location.  Stone locations and their availability are identified on this web site. Stones are allocated according to availability and only issued once.

Sponsors names, together with any optional messages, are entered into either a “Book of Sponsors – West Wall”  which can be viewed at Postern Tower West Wall Online Sponsors Book  or into a “Book of Sponsors – North Wall”  which can be viewed at  Postern Tower North Wall Online Sponsors Book here on this website.  Books of sponsors will also be put on display within the tower itself.  In addition – Sponsors Names and any Optional Message will also appear by “hovering over” the relevant stone number on the relevant west or north wall on-line availability grid.

This is a unique opportunity to contribute towards a project to restore one of York’s ancient monuments to public use. By sponsoring a stone or stones you contribute towards the Fishergate Postern Tower restoration work, and our work to promote York’s Walls. Your sponsorship can be for yourself, is ideal as a gift for someone, or for a significant event or person in your life. The scheme can be used to observe a special occasion such as a birthday, a christening, a wedding, as a memorial or simply to convey a message.

Stones on two external walls of the power and Postern are available for sponsors. The West Wall & Postern Gate stones are numbered 01A to 45M, the North Wall stones are numbered 46A to 82M.

Reserving Your Stone(s) –

Please follow one of the following links, and use the on-line or paper application form to reserve your stone(s).

For the  West Wall – please follow this  link

For the North Wall – please follow this  link

Payment – AFTER reserving a stone

Fill in the application form FIRST.  You can choose your stone, enter your details and message, and pay your donation on-line on this website. Online Payment by Credit / Debit Card is made through the PayPal facility, but you do NOT need a PayPal account to make a card payment. An email will be sent automatically to you to confirm receipt of your payment.

If you do not wish to pay through the PayPal facility, you can send a bank transfer as per the instructions on the FPT stones application form or post a cheque to the address specified on the form. Please reference your payment with the stone number(s) you are paying for.

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Updated  23 Jan 2023  AF

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