York Walls Festival  2022

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Fishergate Postern Tower – Open Days at Festival Weekend

@  Junction of Piccadilly and Lead Mill Lane   YO1 9AF

OPEN on Saturday 9th April and then 

OPEN on Saturday 30th April + Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd May  @  York Walls Festival 2022

FREE ENTRY   10am to 4pm each day.   No booking required.


All Fishergate Postern Tower OPEN DAYS listed HERE


Published 6th April 2022  AF


“Fishergate Postern Tower a Virtual Tour” – improved for 2022

You can now “visit” Fishergate Postern Tower on a new and improved Virtual Tour.  You don’t even have to negotiate the narrow spiral staircase, except in a virtual world, to see what is around and inside the tower – on the ground floor and on the three upper floors in detail.     

Please Go To :-

Fishergate Postern Tower – A Virtual Tour

Using the Tour :-

The virtual tour is based on 360 degree photos, taken from 14 places in and around Fishergate Postern Tower. In each place the camera ‘looked’ all around it – so you can now do the same in the virtual tour.

When you first get one of these photos on screen it is fully zoomed out and there is a red blob-pin in the middle.  Use this pin to get a guide’s short comments on screen.  Computer users can change the size of the lettering by using the + or – key with the control key pressed down.  The comments will disappear in 20 seconds, or you can use the cross at the top right of the comments.

Use the black and white arrows on the screen to go to another of the 14 photo places.  There is an arrow pointing to each of the places you could move directly to if you were really at the tower.

The ‘i’ icons on the screen are placed close to something of special interest which a guide might tell you about.  You can use them to get an illustrated information-sheet on screen in its own window. Its first paragraph is a simply written brief comment. The controls for print size etc. are at the top right of these windows. The same ‘thing of special interest’ may be seen on different photos. There are 10 ‘things’ of special interest:  York City Walls, York Castle, Postern gateway, Tudor toilet outlet, Wall-walk drains, Masons’ marks, Tudor-style toilet-wipes & ‘jordan’, Archaeology, Fear of Scots, Roof timbers.

There is a side-screen which you can slide in by using the chevron on the extreme left hand side . This gives you a ‘short cut’ way to get some of the 14 photos on screen. [If there is an overlap of writing on the screen, computer users can remove this by changing the size of the lettering by using + or – with the control key pressed down.] At the bottom of the screen is an icon you can use to remove all blob-pins, ‘i’  icons etc. from the photos.  Another icon there moves you to and from ‘full screen’ viewing of the photos.

The side-screen tells you that Sky Filming created this virtual tour for the Friends of York Walls.  It doesn’t tell you that Jonathan Mallory of Sky Filming did this for free. The Friends are very grateful to him for this gift to those interested in visiting the tower – especially those who are barred from getting there ‘in reality’, or barred from getting up the spiral stairs there by disability or Covid.

The photos were taken in 2020-21.   Simon Mattam wrote the words used in the tour and would welcome feedback via friendsofyorkwalls@gmail.com.

All images,text and layout are the copyright of Sky Filming, The Friends of York Walls, or Simon Mattam.

A “Stand Alone – off-line”  version of this VR tour is available on request – to download and run as an 960Mbyte  .EXE file. 

Some known Tour “complications and corrections” :-

1) Stairs Photos:   Usually, when you move to a new photo place you start with the same view wherever you have moved from – and the red blob-pin is in the middle of your screen – but the photos on the stairs are different.  If you are going down the stairs then your first view is looking down them and the red blob-pin is above what is on screen.

2) Red Blob-pin:   If a red blob-pin fails to work then try leaving the tour and rejoining it.

Updated  27th February 2022  AF


Fishergate Postern Tower – Open Days

@  Junction of Piccadilly and Lead Mill Lane   YO1 9AF

Saturday 9th April  = Easter Holidays !
Saturday 30th April + Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd May = York Walls Festival 2022
Saturday 28th May = Late Spring BH weekend
Saturday 18th June
Saturday 2nd & 16th July
Saturday 13th + Sunday 14th August = York Walls Festival “Extra”
Saturday 27th August = Late Summer BH weekend
Saturday 10th + 17th September = Heritage Open Days
Saturday 1st + 22nd October
Saturday 29th October = Halloween weekend
Saturday 12th November

from 10:00 – 16:00

FREE  ENTRY   (but donations welcome)

Climb the spiral staircase of this early Tudor tower, work the model portcullis and find a remarkably complete garderobe, masons’  marks, re-used roof beams and our displays, including brand new replicas reborn from fragments found in our recent archaeological dig.

Disabled Access (Partial – ground floor only)

These events are provided by volunteers of The Friends of York Walls.   If you would like to get involved please email  us at      friendsofyorkwalls@gmail.com

These opening dates of Fishergate Postern Tower are a part of our 2022 season. Check back here to see any last minute changes !

For all 2022 open days please see    HERE

Our 2022 Information Leaflet is available    HERE


Updated 6th April 2022   AF


Wishing all our volunteers, supporters and followers “Seasons Greetings”, and a “Happy New Year – 2022”.   Thank you for all your support and help during difficult times, restrictions and lockdowns.
Fishergate Postern Tower is currently CLOSED for the winter season. The next Open Days will be for York Residents Weekend on 29th & 30th January 2022 – subject to any Covid restrictions at that time
The planned FPT Open Days schedule for 2022 will be released soon.
Stay safe, stay well, and we hope to see you at some future time for our 2022 season at Fishergate Postern Tower openings, and other events.

Published 14th December 2021     A F