Please share your photos with us.

Please share your York City Walls photos with us:-

The Friends of York Walls invite you to share your photographs with us on our Flickr Group.
You can view the existing “group pool” of images via the above link, and you are welcome to join the group to upload your own photographs. Normal Flickr account rules apply.

Images must be related to York’s Defences – including the Bars, the Walls, St Mary’s Abbey, Clifford’s Tower and The Castle. Images related to Friends of York Walls events and activities are also acceptable.

Here are a selection of the latest contributions to our group.

To view more, head over to our Flickr page here.

The Red Tower – Foss Islands Road. Alan Fleming

Other Flickr Groups :-

The Friends of York Walls also supports and endorses other “York’s Walls Related” Flickr Groups – in particular :-

1)  “York – Scene From The Walls” –  This archive of “Scenes” from the walls produced a “Snapshot in Time” – Winter 2013 + occasional updates of changes since 2013.  Group contains over 1800 images of York’s Walls.   This is an invitation only group recording through photographs the views from and of York’s Bars, Walls, and Defences – including St Mary’s Abbey, Clifford’s Tower and The Castle.

2) “Floodlight on York’s City Walls” – The subject of this group is the “Floodlights on York’s City Walls” and involves  taking photographs of the floodlights (and other lighting) around all of York’s Walls, Bars and Defences during the day, and at night.  Existing lighting recorded in 2016. New lighting to be added when installed.  This is an invitation only group.

In 2017 Friends of York Walls held a Photographic Competition.

  • The Winning Entries News Item   [READ MORE HERE] 
  • The competition closed on 1st May 2017

Competition Details were:

  • All photos must be taken either of, or from, the Walls, Clifford’s Tower or Museum Gardens.
  • Three categories will be judged: Under 16, Amateur, and Enthusiast / Professional.
  • A short-list in each category will be selected by members of the Friends of York Walls
  • First place in each category will be chosen by the Lord Mayor of York
  • Competition entry is free.
  • THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED – but we may hold another one someday !


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