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Friends of York Walls continuing to work on improvements of Fishergate Postern Tower. One of the ways we are seeking to raise funds is by inviting the general public and local businesses to “Sponsor a Stone”. This major fund raising activity was officially launched in January 2012 when The Lord Mayor of York was presented with a certificate of ownership of the first stone.

The North Wall stones are numbered 46A to 82M.

1. To Sponsor a Stone – look at the photograph below for the North Wall and pick a free stone – i.e. one with a white label.  Click on the photo to view in high resolution.   NOTE that this photo will not be as “up to date” as the on-line availability grid below.

2. Check on the North Wall Sponsored Stones Grid below that the chosen stone is still un-allocated in the live database. GREEN stones are available.

Sponsor a Stone – North Wall “Stone Availability Grid”

3. To reserve an available stone online, please use the Online Stone Reservation Form.   A minimum donation of £20 is requested, but more would be greatly appreciated.

4. If you are unable to complete all the required information online you can make a Postal Application. Please print out and complete the postal application form, and return it to the address specified on the form. A minimum donation of £20 is requested, but more would be greatly appreciated.

5. After your details have been entered into the on-line database and you have made your payment we will process your sponsorship. Please allow time for this to happen.  If you have provided an Email address a PDF version of the fully completed certificate will be Emailed to you. A printed certificate can also be posted to you if you wish.   Your Email address will also be added to the FOYW  Email list for receiving Newsletters. If you do not want to be included in this list then please Email us at friendsofyorkwalls@gmail.com

Once the database has been updated you will be able to see the sponsors name, and any optional message you entered on the application form, by hovering over your stone reference number on the North Wall “availability grid” above.

View the North Wall Online Sponsors Book here.

Payments, AFTER you have reserved your stone(s),

Online Payment by Credit / Debit Card is made through the PayPal facility, but you do NOT need a PayPal account to make a card payment. An email will be sent automatically to you to confirm receipt of your payment.

After you have completed an aplication form, you can use the form below to make payments for your reserved stone(s).  Please enter the Stone Reference Number(s) in the Reference box.

Tower Stone Donation
Other Amount:
Stone Reference (s) - please separate with comma (,):

If you do not wish to pay through the PayPal facility, you can send a bank transfer as per the instructions on the postal application form or post a cheque to the address specified on the form. Please reference your payment with the stone number(s) you are paying for.

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Updated  23 Jan 2023  AF

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