If you are walking past Fishergate Postern Tower, take a look at the mass of wildflowers appearing on the rampart next to the tower. These have been planted by the Friends of York Walls, with the approval and support of the City of York Council. They are above all pollinator-friendly, but they are also native species, non-invasive, and require no ongoing maintenance. We already have bees on them now.

 The volunteers who do this work meet for an hour and a half every Sunday morning at 10 am.  If you’d like to help, or just watch, see you there.

Wild flowers on ramparts near Fishergate Postern Tower

The flowers you see in this photograph are of Red Campion, which once it is established out-competes the grass and rises above it, returning every year. It lasts for weeks in flower, so it is a real success and we are now planting lots more of it.


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A new date for your diary – 11th May 2024  = Sheriffs Army visit to FPT

This years Sheriffs Army event will be patrolling the York’s City Walls on the 11th of May, starting from the Mansion House at 11am, an earlier time than in the past. 

Fishergate Postern Tower will be open for this additional day from 10am to 4pm – free entry as normal

Sheriffs Army Patrol in 2023 at Fishergate Postern Arch. ..Photo Alan Fleming
Note that the time of the Sheriff’s Army Patrol’s arrival at FPT is likely to be between 11.30 am and 12 noon, NOT the early afternoon as last year. 
We intend to dress FPT up with flags, bunting, etc..  FOYW Volunteers also hope to be dressed in suitable medieval costume to greet The Sheriff and his supporting Army Patrol.   The option to be dressed up is up to our volunteers – so do come and support this special opening. 
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NEW  Friends of York Walls Audio Guide  = “York’s City Walls Audio Trail” – for SmartPhone / Tablet – is now available to download through your ‘app store’  by searching for the free Guide.AI  travel app.    “York’s City Walls Audio Trail”  is then = Guide ID Number 80.

Full details are HERE

It’s so easy. The Guide.AI app is free, and the York’s City Walls Audio Trail only costs £1.99 !    For this you get 27 map points, over 100 mins of audio & the full text.

“York’s City Walls Audio Trail” is based on the Walls Trail information and pages on the Friends of York Walls website, and the book “A Walking Guide to York’s City Walls” by Simon Mattam, produced for the Friends of York Walls.

In the Guide.AI app & Guide ID.80  the “York’s City Walls Audio Trail” is divided into sections, as indicated by the “Map Points”, and a “List View”, on a detailed map of York, and GPS links. This audio guide starts at Exhibition Square, by Bootham Bar, and is designed to help you enjoy a circular walk, with descriptions, and “Map Point” numbers, going clockwise.  However, The Walls can be walked in either direction. You can also select particular bits of The Walls to walk on, as there are about a dozen places where you can access the wall-walk. These are indicated by a Dark Red “title banner” on the apps “Map Point” images. This audio guide gives you an introduction to each section, with more details available on the Friends of York Walls website at

The “York’s City Walls Audio Trail”  is initially released in English, but other languages may be added, if there is sufficient demand. Once the initial download fee of just £1.99 has been paid any updates to the app and the Walls Guide will be available to download without further payment.

Some user reviews have said =

“Good guide to walking York’s historic walls.”

“This has been a fantastic guide round this amazing place. It’s given us loads of information we wouldn’t have taken in had it just been there to read. Very well put together and I look forward to looking out others to listen too.”

“Excellent guide for a self guided walk around York’s City Walls. Lots of interesting facts and information.”

“Fabulous way to spend a morning. loved it. Informative and easy to use. Listened to commentary using headphones and walked the whole circuit. can recommend.”


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Fishergate Postern Tower will be open from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 28th October and on Saturday 11th November.

Entry is FREE but any donations are welcome !

These will be the last planned opening days for the 2023 season.  FPT will officially re-open for York’s Residents Weekend at the end of January 2024. There may be additional occasional pop-up open days over the winter so watch this space.

Don’t miss the annual York Walls Twilight Walks – from Monday 30th October to Thursday 2nd November.   The Walls from Bootham Bar Gateway to Monk Bar Gateway, passing behind York Minster, will be lit by fairy lights, creating a unique atmosphere. The Walls close at dusk and are rarely open in the evening, so ‘Twilight Walls’ offers the unique chance to experience the Walls and the views from this vantage point at night.  This is a BOOKED event – with multiple half hour sessions each evening from 19:00.

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