Monk Bar A6 QR card

If you have a SmartPhone or a Tablet then look out for the small A6 size QR cards which can be found at strategic Wall-Walk access places around the York’s City Walls Trail. These QR cards are located on the existing large A1 Information Panels at :-

Bootham Bar                            (bottom of the steps)
Monk Bar                                  (under the bar’s arch)
Layerthorpe Bridge                   (bottom of the steps)
Red Tower                                 (on the tower wall)
Walmgate Bar                           (bottom of the steps)
Fishergate Bar                           (bottom of the steps)
Fishergate Postern Tower         (on the tower wall)
Tower Gardens                          (opposite Clifford’s Tower)
Baile Hill                                    (part way up the steps)
Victoria Bar                               (road outside the bar)
Micklegate Bar (2)                    (outer wall at side of bar + bar’s inner wall)
Barker Tower                             (wall at start of elevated wall-walk)
Multangular Tower                    (inside Multangular Tower area)

Scan the QR codes to get links to the Friends of York Walls “City Walls Trail” web pages which are relevant to the location you are at.   Links are provided to the on-line Wall Trail – Introduction, Overview, Here, Next and Previous trail sections,  and include maps, text, and numerous pictures.

If you don’t have a SmartPhone or a Tablet don’t worry -you can still buy the book “A Walking Guide to York’s City Walls” by Simon Mattam ISBN978-0-9929002-0-5.  Available at bookshops, Visit York, etc., and on-line.

Start your journey around York’s City Walls  HERE

You can also get the full list of QR codes and their links  HERE


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The Friends of York Walls invite you to share your photographs with us on our Flickr Group.
You can view the existing “group pool” of images via the above link, and you are welcome to join the group to upload your own photographs. Normal Flickr account rules apply.

Images must be related to York’s Defenses – including the Bars, the Walls, St Mary’s Abbey, Clifford’s Tower and The Castle. Images related to Friends of York Walls events and activities are also acceptable.

Here are a selection of the latest contributions to our group.

To view more, head over to our Flickr page here.


Friends of York Walls are continuing to work towards the ultimate re-opening of Fishergate Postern Tower. We are seeking to raise funds towards this project by inviting the general public and local businesses to “Sponsor a Stone”. This major fund raising activity will be officially launched in early 2012, and we are also looking at the possibility of a “Tower Open Day” just over the York Residents Festival weekend on Saturday 28th / Sunday 29th January 2012.

If you wish to contribute to the tower fund then please look at the Sponsor a Stone page where you can fill in an application form.