6) Walls Guides

6) Walls Guides

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The following links you to information about our written guides to York’s City Walls. A little information about York’s other defensive walls is included, so is a little about other guides.
To find out about access to the high-level wall-walks use this link:
We have a paperback guide, ‘A Walking Guide to York’s City Walls’. This is in print and updated by its Facebook page [‘walkyorkwalls’]. This link tells you more about it:
An updated, colour version of this guide, without the index but with extra photos is on our website. This includes 13 sections of a walking trail, each section has information on what can be seen from the trail, on short detours from the trail and stories from history. Here are links to these sections and 2 introductory documents:

Wall Trail: Introduction                                                 [map 1]

Wall Trail: Overview

The Trail:  Section 1. Bootham Bar                           [map 3 ]

The Trail:  Section 2. North Corner (Bootham Bar to Monk Bar)

The Trail:  Section 3. Monk Bar                                  [map 4]

The Trail:  Section 4. East Corner, part1  (Monk Bar to the river Foss)

The Trail:  Section 5. East Corner, part2  (along the river Foss to  Red Tower)

The Trail:  Section 6. East Corner, part3  (Red Tower to Walmgate Bar)

The Trail:  Section 7. Walmgate Bar                       [map 5]

The Trail:  Section 8. South Corner, part1  (Walmgate Bar to Fishergate Postern)

The Trail:  Section 9.South Corner, part2  (Fishergate Postern to the river Ouse –including Clifford’s Tower and York Castle)

The Trail:  Section 10. South Corner, part3  (The river Ouse to Micklegate Bar)

The Trail:  Section 11. Micklegate Bar                    [map 6]

The Trail:  Section 12. West Corner, part1  (Micklegate Bar to the river Ouse)

The Trail:  Section 13. West Corner, part2 (The river Ouse to Bootham Bar including the defensive walls of St Mary’s Abbey)

Here is a link to extra information on tours, stone & stonework, flowers, names, information boards & markers, refreshments, seats & toilets:

Wall Trail: Appendix

Here are other links to things to do with the guide:

Walls Trail: History & Time Line

Walls Trail: Glossary, Maps & Credits

Walls Trail: Contents & Links


A printable list of Walls Trail pages QR Codes & Links

A 2014 text-only draft: https://www.yorkwalls.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/York-Walls-Walk-iss4-with-maps.pdf


If you find any errors with these links or have any similar interesting links you think we should add then please email  websitefeedback@yorkwalls.org.uk

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