Possible future video work  – 

Possible future work  – 
We will try over the coming 18-24 months to create a series of similar short films, perhaps grouped by time period or location as below?

The walls by time period –

It seems sensible to link in with the 11 YAT/Historic Towns Trust maps, hence the numbering.
a) Walls in Roman Times (map 2)
b) Walls (defences) between Roman and Norman times (maps 3 & 4)
c) Walls in c. 1100 (map 5)
d) Walls in c. 1300 (map 6)
e) Walls in c. 1500 (map 7)  – maps 5 to 7 cover the period when most wall building went on. There should be enough to film and talk about to produce separate content for each map.
f) Walls from 1600 to 1800 (maps 8, 9 & 10)
g) Walls during 19th century (map 11, of 1836) and map 1 (main map of 1850)

The walls by area –

1. (done) – Fishergate Bar to FPT
2. Bootham Bar
3. Monk Bar
4. Walmgate Bar
5. Micklegate Bar
6. (could wait until last, as covered in Jan & Feb with exhibition) – FPT to Skeldergate Postern. This area may change a lot in the coming years, so could be documented as it does.
7. Walls near the train station, and down to Barker Tower. Work on Queen St Bridge could be documented.
8. Walls between Micklegate Bar and Skeldergate Postern
9. Red Tower and King’s Fishpond gap – the latter was covered in five display boards by the River Foss Society
10. Walls between Monk Bar and Bootham Bar – may see developments with York Minster’s plan to create another access point. Gray’s Court have sometimes had their steps open too.
11. Museum Gardens and the Abbey Walls.
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