In December 2018 the York Archaeological Trust (YAT) led a dig at Fishergate Postern Tower for The City of York Council with the help of Friends of York Walls volunteers. We are now excited to reveal some of the interesting finds that were collected from the community excavation!

The first item, said by archaeologists to be the most significant personal object recovered from the excavation, is a post-medieval comb possibly owned by a former tenant of Fishergate Postern Tower. After analysis in the YAT Conservation Lab, the growth rings visible on the comb prove that it is made of elephant tusk! This find is at least 300 years old, almost complete in its physicality and is a must see.

As well as this, a wide range of pottery pieces were found, each telling their own tale across 2,000 years of York’s history. This included a (get ready for it) post-medieval fine oxidised industrial earthenware wide shallow flanged bowl, or Pancheon to us. These pieces were likely to have been used by The Phoenix Iron Foundry, formerly located on George Street close to Fishergate Postern Tower and therefore serve as a valuable piece of York’s history.

There are plenty more pieces to show you so don’t forget to visit Fishergate Postern Tower on the 10th and 11th August to see what else we’ve found.

If you can’t wait that long to see some of our discoveries, you can visit Sketchfab via your web browser HERE on PC, tablet or phone to see a virtual tour of the 1504 foundations exposed during the dig. Or likewise, if you have access to a smartphone and you can download the Sketchfab app to see the 3D model of Fishergate Postern Tower in augmented reality and VR. Simply search for YAT on the app and away you go!

If you wish to see the full report of the dig for free you can access it HERE from the YAT Library website. We look forward to showing you what we found in real life at the York Walls Festival across both days at Fishergate Postern Tower.