The WALLS WALK from Fishergate Postern Tower steps to Fishergate Bar steps has now re-opened.

An inspection of Tower 39 ( the tower in the corner adjacent to Fishergate Postern Tower, overlooking the junction of Fishergate and Paragon Street) has revealed that an internal shallow brick arch forming the roof inside the tower is in need of repair and the walkway supported by the brick roof arch across the top of the tower has started to subside.  In the interests of public safety this section of the wall walk was closed to the public whilst a full detailed inspection took place. Temporary supports have now been installed inside Tower 39 and a decision will now be taken on what measures are needed for a more permanent repair.  This short section of walkway is safe,  and has now been reopened to the public.

The Friends of York Walls hope to open Fishergate Postern Tower AND Tower 39 as part of the January 2017 Residents Festival Weekend. Access to Tower 39 will be reviewed nearer the time.