Please sponsor a stone on either the West Wall or the North Wall at Fishergate Postern Tower and help to raise funds for the repair and upkeep of FPT.   If you have tried to use the on-line sponsor a stone facility on this website over the past few months you may have encountered a data check problem. This has now been fixed – so please try entering your details again !   Any problems please email


Heritage Weekend 12and13 Sept 2015

UPDATE – The event resulted in a record 720 visitors to FPT and 270 to Tower 39 over the weekend.  Thank you to all who made this happen.  Next opening of FPT is  31st Oct/1st Nov 2015.

Fishergate Postern Tower will be open for the Heritage Open Weekend on 12th/13th September 2015 from 10am to 4pm.
See  for details.  FREE entry & no booking necessary.

In addition,  for the first time in living memory (and perhaps ever), TOWER 39  (the corner tower near to FPT) will also be open to the public for the Heritage Open Weekend on 12th/13th September 2015 from 10am to 4pm.
See and   HERE   for details.  FREE entry & no booking necessary.

All events organised by The Friends of York Walls Volunteers. Self guided + History talks.  Information, Book sales and Sponsor a Stone available.  Any donations would be appreciated.

We will make every effort to make the tower presentable for this event, but we are advised that there may be bats (in the cracks in the roof), which should not be disturbed by over-vigorous cleaning. Therefore some pigeon droppings on the floor may be left alone for visitors to walk on as they look around. Please bear this in mind if you are allergic to pigeon droppings or scared of bats!