York Curiouser 2014 has selected several locations around York’s City Walls for the location of new artwork.The event runs until to 7th July 2014 at various locations around York.

Curious, Curiouser and York Curiouser: the city in the light of contemporary art interventions – fleeting glimpses, tiny openings and snatched words. See the map and details at http://www.yorkcuriouser.com/map/

Locations Specific to York’s City Walls :-

At Fishergate Postern Tower (At the end of Piccadilly at Lead Mill Lane) Janet Hodgson has recreated ‘The Workshop of Historical Correction’ where, as Janet says, ‘the forgotten, out-of-date, wrong or missing, misguided histories from York’s past appear to be being stored and reworked ready to go on display once again.’ A newly commissioned film “The Postern” is shown on the top floor. FPT is open Wednesdays through to Sundays daily 10 – 4 from 14th June to 7th July. CLOSED on Mondays & Tuesdays.

At Red Tower (On Foss Islands Road) Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer say it is hard to imagine that there was once marsh land on that site and later a pond, except for the fact that the lower part of the building is now well below ground. They have recreated the lake or marsh land within the tower interior using mirrors, lights and water, plus planting. This landscape is viewed through a purpose made slot across the doorway. “Open” every day.

At St Antony’s Gardens (Yorks hidden gem behind the Quilt Museum, Peasholm Green) Sally Greaves-Lord, a textile designer, has produced a new series of artwork for York Curiouser which is sited in the recesses of the historic city walls near the Quilt Museum. Sally says, “I have been inspired by the Mediaeval Guilds in my banners. I was looking broadly at imagery, shapes and the composition of the guild banners. It is really interesting that St Anthony’s Hall was the hall used by, ‘Guilds who had no hall of their own’” Open when gardens are open.

At locations including Museum Gardens, The City Walls, Treasurers House & St Antony’s Gardens Karen Thompson, a ceramicist based in Scarborough, has placed artwork in the form of a multiple porcelain sandwich for York Curiouser. Rest a while, here and there, consume, devour, the convenient and cheap transformed into something of prestige. Ancient associations coming together with a contemporary twist.’ Open whenever locations are open.

Don’t miss the other York Curiouser Artwork locations including :-

John Wedgwood Clarke – Kings Manor and numerous snickleways around the city
Susanne Davies – Merchant Adventurers’ Hall garden
Matt Hawthorn – along the river Foss (June 28th ONLY Foss Island Road to The Blue Bridge)
Damian Murphy with John Wedgwood Clarke – Courtyard, Kings Manor
Jacques Nimki – National Centre for Early Music, around the churchyard

See http://www.yorkcuriouser.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/yorkcuriouser
Flickr group photos at https://www.flickr.com/groups/yorkcuriouser2014/