The Friends of York Walls are pleased to be able to release the first full DRAFT text for a major new publication – Guide To York City Walls Trail.

In 2012 Keith Myers, a founder member of The Friends of York Walls, suggested that there were no existing major publications which dealt with the details of a walk around York’s historic walls trail and asked Simon Mattam if he was prepared to undertake the task of producing such a guide.

Simon has spent a lot of time on this project and has produced a detailed text for inclusion in a number of possible publications including – A pocket guide (A5 in b&w); A coffee table book ( A4 in colour); An interactive CD guide (collaboration with; and maybe an E-book and a Smart Phone app.

The guide will also be available to download from the Friends of York Walls website.

It is envisaged that all these options will include enhancements to the new text -including new photographs, old photographs, old pictures, drawings, maps, a timeline, etc.. Printed format and graphics layouts are already in preparation, and the production of an Interactive Guide and collaboration with Actual Education, including 360-degree panoramas, is ongoing. See previews at –

The full text of “Guide To York City Walls Trail”, in first DRAFT form, can be seen here.

If you have any comments, corrections, or suggestions related to the text then please get in touch via email to

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The text is copyright to Simon Mattam and The Friends of York Walls. No part of the document may be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author, and then by giving him full acknowledgement for the work.

You are however welcome to print a copy of all or part of the text for personal use. No commercial use must be made of this text.