Time for the solution to photo Number 2 and to give you Where is This photo Number 3!

First, the solution to Number 2:-

This now never-gargling gargoyle once drained water from the wall-walk around the top of Clifford’s Tower however the wall-walk is now about two foot too low to be drained through the mouth of this weathered demon. The walk was probably lowered in Elizabethan times by the enterprising gaoler Robert Redhead who was accused of selling off the stone but the Corporation complained to London and the tower was saved for us all to enjoy.

So now for Mystery Picture Number 3:-

A little easier this time! – This location is passed by thousands of people every day. Can you identify where it is, and why you would go inside that door ?

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Daffodil Bulb Planting-Volunteers are needed to plant bulbs on Saturday 24th November from 9:00am onwards. Meet at Fishergate Postern Tower. We have 1000’s of bulbs to plant – come and help.

Regarding Daffodil Bulb Planting- you may see “Community Pay Back” teams on the ramparts between Fishergate Postern Tower and Walmgate Bar planting our bulbs. £200 was donated by the Walmgate Ward towards the cost of these bulbs.

On January 14th 2013 we will be presenting “East Meets West” an evening of music and dance. This event is being sponsored by M & S. Watch this space, FOYW Facebook and Twitter for more details, event location, ticket prices, how to get your tickets, etc..

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We will be holding an Xmas Raffle. For prizes so far we already have a B&B stay at the Holiday Inn York, and a family ticket on the York Eye already kindly donated. We still need donations of more prizes – please help!

How about a “Unique Christmas Present” – ‘Sponsor a Stone’ for £20 and get a certificate to identify your stone, and your personalised message visible on our website and in the Book of Sponsors. See here for details and on-line sponsoring.

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So did you identify where Picture Number 1 was taken?

At the River Ouse end of Marygate is Marygate Water Tower, sometimes known as Marygate Landing Tower. The tower walls have four cruciform slits, which have oillets to the arms. Mystery Picture Number 1 shows one of these cruciform slits.

Marygate Water Tower is part of the remains of the defensive precinct walls of St Mary’s Abbey, which survive on the north-west and north-east sides of the Abbey Precinct. The walls were erected in 1266, then raised, crenellated and extended in 1318. The Water Tower and St Mary’s Tower, at the other end of Marygate, were erected in 1324. A pedestrian arch was added beside the Water Tower circa 1836. The tower exterior is circular on plan, but the interior is hexagonal, with a single opening to each inner face. The Towers and The Abbey Walls are a Scheduled Ancient Monument.