Walls Walks and Talks

The Bars and Walls of York are the finest and most complete of any town in England. At two miles the walls are the longest in the UK and are one of York’s top free visitor attractions. Over a million people a year take a walk through 1900 years of history on York’s city walls. Built in Roman times, they have been added to and rebuilt over time and now have parts from across the centuries.

As you walk the walls and look at the bars would you like to know more about their history and the changes that have taken place over the centuries? The Friends of York Walls can provide walking guides for small or larger groups, as well as talks and presentations to individuals or groups.

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A “walls walk” around the full circuit will take approximately two hours with just a few stops for talking. However a more comprehensive “walk and talk” can take considerably longer depending on the number of stops and the requirements of the group.


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