FOYW website smashes 1/2 million hits barrier !

WOW !    Two Important Milestones – February 2021

On 28th February 2021 “The Friends of York Walls” was ten years old.

So, the Friends of York Walls website is also 10 years old, and by great coincidence, on 20th February 2021, has passed through the 500,000 viewing figure (yes,  1/2 a million hits in 10 years). Hits from all around the world, and to the numerous pages and posts.

More details of the site stats is available HERE

The web page receiving the greatest hits by far is the “Walls Trail – HOME Page” which crashed through the 200,000 barrier at the end of January 2021.

An analysis of the stats over the last ten years gives a good indication of the topics and subjects which have received the most interest and readership.

The twenty associated “Walls Trail Pages” are all high in the hit list, and their order shows just which walls sections have received the most interest (most hits) =

TOP     Walls Trail: HOME page

2nd      Walls Trail: Introduction   and    [map 1]

3rd       Walls Trail: Overview

4th       The Trail:   Section 1. Bootham Bar     and    [map 3 ]

5th       The Trail:   Section 2. Bootham Bar to Monk Bar

6th       The Trail:   Section 3. Monk Bar          and     [map 4]

7th       The Trail:   Section 11. Micklegate Bar  and    [map 6]

8th       The Trail:   Section 4. Monk Bar to the River Foss (Layerthorpe)

9th       The Trail:   Section 13. The River Ouse & Museum Gardens to Bootham Bar

10th     Walls Trail: Glossary, Maps & Credits

11th     The Trail:   Section 12.Micklegate Bar to the River Ouse (Barker Tower)

12th     Walls Trail: Appendix

13th     The Trail:   Section 7. Walmgate Bar   and      [map 5]

14th     The Trail:   Section 10. The River Ouse (Baille Hill) to Micklegate Bar

15th     Walls Trail: History & Time Line      and          [map 2]

16th     The Trail:   Section 9. Fishergate Postern & Cliffords Tower to River Ouse

17th     The Trail:   Section 5. along the River Foss to  Red Tower

18th     The Trail:   Section 8. Walmgate Bar to Fishergate Postern

19th     The Trail:   Red Tower to Walmgate Bar

20th     Walls Trail: Contents & Links

Published on 21st February 2021   AF / FOYW

Updated on 28th March 2021  AF


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