NEW – Fishergate Postern Tower a Virtual Tour

You can now “visit” Fishergate Postern Tower and look around the interior thanks to a new Virtual Reality Tour.  You don’t even have to negotiate the narrow spiral staircase, except in a VR world, to see what is inside the tower – on the ground floor and on the three upper floors in detail.     Please  Go To :-

Fishergate Postern Tower – A Virtual Tour

Open the above link and carefully navigate around each of the 360 degree views.  Move from one location to another using the “Sun Hotspots”.    Hover over a hotspot and the “Title” by that hot spot tells you where you are going to move to.

With thanks to Jonathan Malory at Sky Filming for providing the images and files to FOYW.

TIP – for a full screen display on a PC or a laptop use the f11 function key.


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