Inspection of the Walls, March 12th 2012

Forty children from Copmanthorpe Primary School will call on the Lord Mayor at 1.15pm on Monday 12th March and ask him to ‘Inspect the Walls’. The event was first held on 17th March 2011 and returns this year with a slightly different timetable. The children will escort the Mayor and civic party to Bootham Bar where they will meet and thank the council workers who look after the Walls. The Civic party will then walk onto the Walls to inspect them.

Then the Mayor will be presented with a scroll at ‘Robin Hood Tower’ by Keith Myers, Chairman of Friends of York Walls thanking him for being their Patron.

The Civic Party will then alight from the Walls at Monk Bar and walk up Lord Mayors Walk which will be lined with 300 children from St Wilfrids School who will be waving daffodils that they have made. The Mayor will leave Lord Mayors Walk after saying goodbye to all the Children. He will then present a scroll of thanks to the children from Copmanthorpe School who escorted him back to the Mansion House.

Anyone that wants to join us on the day please do!


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