Oh what a Residents Weekend !

So, York Residents Weekend 2013 has now come and gone. The opening of Fishergate Postern Tower provided an interesting activity for over 520+ visitors.

We all woke up to snow on the Saturday morning but after clearing away a ton of the snow around the tower and putting up 2 gazebos we had 250+ visitors through on Saturday. They queued in a friendly manner with lots of banter and were very receptive to our history talk before ascending the quirky spiral stairs to the upper floors. It was very cold for the volunteers and Wetherspoon’s kindly refilled our coffee flask and we had the use of their facilities for our comfort breaks.

On Sunday, however, we didn’t even get chance to have a cup of coffee, never mind a comfort break as we were again so busy with 270 visitors through. On Sunday morning the gazebos blew down in a gale and had to be taken in, one becoming broken. Some torches gave up the ghost – some went missing, others ran out of batteries quickly, and some bulbs blew especially when dropped on the floor by children! Our trainee volunteer Charlotte was kind enough to nip out and get a new supply of batteries. If you have one of our torches can we have it back please !

York Residents generously gave donations, and £174 will go towards the restoration fund. We also had 7 stones sponsored, and all have received their certificates by now.

We thank all our visitors for their support, and all the volunteers who helped to make it a successful weekend. Watch this space for future opening dates.



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