Spring is in the air ! FPT re-opening plans.

Its officially Spring, British Summer Time has started, the daffodils are out and we can start looking forward to a “more normal” summer.

We are planning to re-open up inside Fishergate Postern Tower after the Covid stage 3 restrictions are lifted in late May.  It is hoped that we can then start with FPT open days from Saturday 22nd May, and then the Spring Bank Holiday weekend on Saturday 29th May and Monday 31st May. All being well after that we will revert to the planned 2021 open dates timetable which is listed in our annual leaflet HERE.   Openings will be in line with the Covid restrictions in force at the time – so the first open days in May will have to limit the number of visitors to six people or two households at a time.

Meanwhile why not walk around the walls to see the annual display of daffodils on the ramparts. Remember that the elevated wall walk is only open ONE WAY and in a CLOCKWISE DIRECTION.  See previous post HERE.   Its easier to keep to social distancing rules by walking around at ground level (in either direction) and using the map HERE.

Watch this space for any further updates to FPT opening times, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Published / updated on 14th April 2021   AF / FOYW


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