Pot Luck Charity Presentation

The Friends of York Walls thank York CVS for hosting the ‘Pot Luck’ meal and the charity presentations evening. Great food, excellent networking oportunities and of course many, many thanks to the people who voted on the night for the £300 that we won from the pot.

The money will be utilised to help produce an Activity Family Wall Walk booklet. One of which is to be trialled soon. What this space!

Chris Dowell (Secretary)



One thought on “Pot Luck Charity Presentation”

  1. Re proposed grass cutting on banks of walls: I have been releasing rehabilitated hedgehogs from my rescue centre and monitoring them and the exisiting wild hedgehogs in the Dean’s gardens using camera traps from my university and see the same animals (marked with emulsion) night after night. I have also been to the Dean’s garden at night on many occasions and watched the hedgehogs as they emerge for the evening to forage. It is from these observations that I learned that they nest up on the banks, about 2/3 of the way up, exactly where the grass will be strimmed.

    Apparently some people belonging to the Friends of York Walls had complained that the area on the banks next to the Dean’s garden was looking untidy and this has prompted a proposal to cut down all the ground cover in this area. It’s a great pity as the area has been looked on as a wildlife haven. As I’m sure you will understand, being able to provide a safe haven for the hedgehog, an animal that is well loved by the British public and suffers greatly from exposure to all manner of hazards, was fantastic.
    It would have been so much better if, instead of seeing the long grass as an eyesore, the people who complained to York Minster had appreciated the fact that this was actually a wildlife haven for an animal whose rate of decline in Britain is such that it is expected to be extinct by 2025. I have just completed a wildlife report for UKTV Eden, the Natural History Channel – media day next Friday with much press coverage. In the report I have listed the hedgehog as one of the ten most endangered species in the UK today.

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