Litter Pickers – Knickers in a twist?

On a damp Monday morning, on 4th March 2013, volunteers from the Friends of York Walls carried out a litter pick along the York wall ramparts close to Baile Hill, under the supervision of Paul from the City of York Council.

A competition was held between the pickers for who ‘picked the most used item’ and this was won by Paul of CYC. The item was a ladies under garment – one that is worn below the waist! The knickers can be claimed from CYC new offices, but the owner must provide proof of ownership, and a large carrier bag for collection!

All the pickers had an entertaining morning and anyone wanting to volunteer to assist the Friends of York Walls at the next walls litter pick should watch the website at for details. Next month the walls ramparts should be full of bloomers.



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