Where Is This? – Numbers 14 & 15

The solution to last weeks Picture Number 14 –


“Railway Arches”. The railways arrival in York had a dramatic impact on the walls. The first railway station was built immediately outside the city walls and opened on the 29 May 1839. The railway company, the North Midland and Great North of England Railway, felt that being outside the walls was not good for business. Two years later in January 1841 they opened a new station and offices inside the city walls.

To bring the rail tracks inside the city walls, the walls had to be breached. Several arches were made. Two large pointed arches can be seen in Queen Street. The most southerly was made first in 1839 and carried the footpath on the wall over the YNMR track. It spans some 20m. The arches were designed by architect George T. Andrews. Initially only one arch was built but rail traffic grew and more lines were needed so a second arch was added in 1845. The station was replaced by the present York Station in 1877, located on a new site outside the walls.

Picture Number 15 :-


Steps to the start of a wall walk taken by many thousands each year !

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